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Kill Me Baby WIP [01 Aug 2014|04:46pm]

[ mood | bored ]

"The hell did I help her for?!?" Sonaya questioned when she got back to her house. After the ordeal with Yasuna's usual annoyance, Sonaya was somehow able to take down the target she was given... with some hesitation.

'Sonya-chan! Sonya-chan! Don't go!' The assassin heard her friend cry out desperately, and for some odd reason Sonaya stopped dead in her tracks to listen to the idiot. 'You can't! You can't just kill someone! Some... something bad might happen to you! If that happens, I... I won't be able to play with you anymore!' Man, she worries about the simplest things... 'I can't tease you, I can't get hit by you...' Isn't that a good thing? '...I can't make weird faces with you, or make pointless poses with you... I won't be able to do any of that anymore!' Pointless worries. 'So... Please, don't go! Sonaya-chan!'

"After listing off all those reasons why she didn't want me to go, all the reasons I'd be happy to leave for, why didn't I just leave her in that damn hole?" Sighing, Sonya decided to just let it go for now and go to sleep. As she was taking out her hairties she heard her phone vibrate to signify a text she just received, she put down the ribbon in exchange for her phone so she could see who texted her to her surprise it was Yasuna, whom she thought would've passed out from all that happened this evening. 'Sonaya-chan, I'm glad we could have so much fun again today! :)' With a shake of her head she makes a move to put down her cell phone but before she can it starts ringing, to her annoyance, but she knows she can't ignore it, so she answers while sitting on her bed.

"We have a new target for you." A gruff voice said matter-of-factly, "We're sending the picture to your phone at this moment."
"Yes, sir." With that the blonde hung up and looked at the picture that was just sent to her.


When Sonaya got to homeroom, early as always, she went straight to her desk and laid her down. She was able to get a quick nap in before she felt a poke on her back. At this she assumed her tensed position and looked behind her while quickly twisting the annoying hand the the poke came from.

"Soooonayaaa-chaaaan...." The idiot known as Yasuna whined, "I thought you were getting better! Yesterday afternoon you were able to hold back."

Sonaya looked at the brunette with a frown, "Yes, because I got used to you touching me when I'm awake," she replied with her usual annoyed tone of voice that she uses everytime she's with the airhead, "but do you honestly think touching me while I am asleep is a good idea?" she questioned Yasuna, not expecting any answer.

Yasuna looked at the blonde with a sheepish smile for half a second before going back to her goofy smile, "So, how come you're so tired right now?" She asked with actual concern in her voice and eyes. 'She must of had to track down another target... I wish she could just quit... but I know she can't even if she finally wanted to. Or else she will be treated like a traitor.'

The blonde stayed quiet for a bit, trying to remember why, then she spoke up, "I had something on my mind all last night." she stated while folding her arms while looking forward. She stayed up all night staring at the picture of her new target trying to find any signs of it not being someone that she first guessed before finally just accepting the fact she would have to kill Yasuna. 'But why? Why Yasuna? There can't be anyone wanting this idiot gone, she's stupidly innocent, and the most people she talks to, to my knowledge, are her parents, Agiri, and me.' Her body tensed with the realization, 'They want me to get her out of my life, and transferring won't work since there are too many clients\targets in or close by this town, so killing the distraction from my life is the Organization's way of dealing with these kinds of problems.'

"-ya. Sonaya!"

When she heard her name being called out the killer shook out of thinking mode. She did a slight embarrassed cough before replying, "What do you want, Yasuna?" she answered with annoyance in her voice and a hint of embarrassment.
Ok... this isn't finished as you can tell. I dunno if I will finish it but for now I don't really know what else to write.

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Fanfic: Bleach - Brace Me From My Painful, Sudden Fall [07 May 2014|08:33pm]

Title: Brace Me From My Painful, Sudden Fall
Fandom: Bleach
Author: woollyoblivy
Rating: T (PG-13) - I rate so because of death...
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ichimaru, Matsumoto, (cameo) Hitsugaya / GinRan
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Tite Kubo-sensei. Some quotes belong to Sucre. I got inspired by this Bleach List post. Plot/storyline belong to me.

(Who will brace me from my painful, sudden fall?)
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Chapter 1 - An Unexpected Meeting [01 Mar 2014|03:01pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Hello everyone! It's my first time writing fiction. I just wrote one chapter and it's not really about an existing Anime. I just created my own with the thought of it as an Anime story. I hope you check it out. It's in my page. Thanks!

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The Secret Coconut Multifandom Fanfic Exchange [17 Feb 2014|07:11pm]


The Secret Coconut Multifandom Fanfic Exchange - Round 9

Sign Up Here | Rules and Schedule | FAQ
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ASK the Ouran Host Club! [04 Apr 2013|07:38pm]

Haruhi: what is this?

Me: why, fans get to ask you questions! all the host club will answer then truthfully! ok?

Tamaki: Ahh Haruhi~ won't this be fun?

Haruhi: no.

Tamaki: Lets do it! come on! *hugs Haruhi*

Haruhi: *trying to shove Tamaki off of her* fine but get off of me!

Kyoya: i seriously doubt anyone will ask any questions. Don't worry Haruhi. i'm not even sure if this is allowed on here.

Me: Of course it is... it's a fanfic right? well part. But it'll be really fun don't you think? If this is not allowed then i'll take it off. No worries right?

Kyoya: *sighs* i guess.

Honey: *eating cake and being cute*

Me: alright see you all!
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[fic] Ao no Exorcist - Wild Blue Flower [10 Jul 2012|06:23pm]


Title: Wild Blue Flower
Rating: K
Character(s)/Pairing(s): RinxShiemi
Summary: "If I am a lily, then you would be a wild blue flower, Rin." Shiemi smiled softly as her fingers brushed lightly the petals of a flower he had not seen till then.
Author's Note: One of the cutest pairing on all fandoms for me plus my love for flowers (be it naming, meaning, symbolism) and this is bound to happen.
Disclaimer: I don't own this series in any way.

"If I am a lily, then you would be a wild blue flower, Rin." )
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Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets: "Hiei" [29 Dec 2011|11:09pm]

Title: Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets: "Hiei"
Author: Chellendora
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Genre: Romance, angst, reader insert
Starring: Hiei, you
Pairing: Hiei/you
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or you. If I owned the former it would still be running and I would be in it. >> (So I guess it's a good thing I don't own it. xD)
Summary: You question Hiei's love.

Read it here @chellendora !
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Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets: "Kurama" [28 Dec 2011|03:10am]

Title:  Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets: "Kurama"
Author: Chellendora
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Genre: Romance, angst
Starring: Kurama, reader
Pairing: Kurama/you
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or you. If I owned Kurama I most assuredly would not be sharing!
Summary: It could be his last night, would you let him spend it alone?

Read it herechellendora !

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Two Bleach fics: Thievery [Kenpachi & Yachiru] & Time Enough [Mayuri/Unohana] [17 Aug 2011|12:40pm]

Title:  Thievery
Characters: Kenpachi & Yachiru
Rating: G
Summary: "You can't steal things just 'cause they're pretty, Yachiru."
Genre: Family, humor
For stharridan 

At my journal.

Title: Time Enough
Characters: Mayuri/Unohana
Rating: G
Summary: The room is gray and smells like her perfume.
Genre: General
For laerkstrein I hope I got them right!

At my journal.

BTW I'm now accepting fic request here at hyouhakuzai_fic
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Time and Tide: Ch. 16, 17 & 18 [Bleach] [16 Aug 2011|09:59pm]

Title:  Time and Tide: Chapter 16 (Caught)
Characters: Byakuya/Yoruichi
Rating: PG
Summary: They know they'll be caught, someday. Until then, it hardly matters.
A/N: This was originally part of a oneshot, but I decided to use it as a new chapter instead.

 At my journal.

Title:  Time and Tide: Chapter 17 (Hair)
Characters: Rukia
Rating: G
Summary: She's becoming her own person.

At my journal.

Title:  Time and Tide: Chapter 18 (Strength)
Characters: Momo
Rating: G
Summary: Her only proficient skill is kido.
: I don't think people give Momo enough credit.

At my journal.

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Disguised to Ourselves [Rukia, others, G] [14 Aug 2011|04:52am]

Title:  Disguised to ourselves
Characters:  Rukia-centric, mentions of Byakuya, others
Rating: G
Summary: His face is a mask, as is her own.
Genre: Family
Written for afteriwake her prompt was "The evolution of a family bond."

At my journal.
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Farther Forward [Bleach, Renji, Byakuya, G] [11 Aug 2011|10:48pm]

Title:  Farther Forward
Characters:  Renji, Byakuya (not as a pair)
Rating: G
Summary: Through the years, he’s seen Byakuya as a distant stranger, to an enemy whom had to be defeated, a Captain and comrade, and now as a passionate, stubborn man only trying to do the right thing.
Genre: Friendship
It's hard writing Renji like this, but I like how it turned out, even if it's not exactly what I wanted.

At my journal.
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No apology [Bleach, Renji/Rukia, G] [19 Jul 2011|10:40pm]

Title:  No apology
Characters:  Renji/Rukia
Rating: G
Summary:  He doesn't know who to hate more; her, for letting herself feel so strongly for Ichigo, or himself, for hating her for it.
Genre: Romance
I literally types this in one sitting, but I feel it's complete enough and turned out the way I wanted.

At my journal.
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House on Fire [Byakuya/Yoruichi, M] [17 Jul 2011|11:13pm]

Title: House on Fire
Characters:  Byakuya/Yoruichi
Rating: M (for descriptions of sex and sexual acts, but not explicitly written).
Summary:  They're opposites in manner and in thought, coming together in a way she can't explain; she can only compare it to watching a house burn down, all the way to its foundations.
Genre: Romance (?) drama
I wanted to focus more on the feeling rather than the sex, which is why it's not explicitly written. I hope I did it well.

At my journal.
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Sing a Song of Sixpence [Bleach, Rukia, others, PG] [08 Jun 2011|04:22am]

Title: Sing a Song of Sixpence
Characters:  Rukia-centric, mentions of Byakuya, Kaien, Ichigo
Rating: PG
Summary:  From the moment Rukia is admitted to the Kuchiki household, she knows what is and isn't expected of her. Takes place from Rukia's adoption until after the SS arc.
Genre: General, hints of romance and angst
A/N: This is by far the longest oneshot I've ever written. It's 12 pages and 5,169 words. But don't let that stop you from reading it, please :D

At my journal.
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[PG] Face Painting [19 May 2011|08:32pm]

Title: Face Painting
Character(s): Yuki Sohma and Machi Kuragi
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yuki/Machi
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Length: Oneshot-Complete
Diclaimer: Furuba (Fruits Basket) belongs to Natsuki Takaya

Summary: The story is set post-breaking of the curse. Yuki decided to bring Machi at his apartment but the entire dwelling is devoid of furniture still, and the walls are plastered with perfectly painted white walls... what could possibly go wrong?
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Options [15 Jan 2011|06:46pm]

Title: Options
Fandom: Vinland Saga
Rating: 12
Word Count: 879
Warnings: Spoilers, mentions of - slavery, violence, death, pillaging, etc...
Characters: Askellad, Thorfin Thorsson
Synopsis: In which a band of vikingr entertain a six year old.
Author's Note: The author is eagerly awaiting the next issue of this manga and won't take no for an answer...!!

It wasn’t a question. )
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HELP! XD [28 Nov 2010|02:56am]

Forgive me if I'm posting to the wrong community, but I was hoping that somebody here would be able to help me out. I recently went back and re-watched the wonderful anime "Saber Marionette J" and ever since I've been dying to read some fanfiction for that series. However, despite my extensive searching, I have come up practically empty handed. Would any of you fine folks be able to point me in the right direction? I would be eternally grateful!
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The First [18 Oct 2010|08:29pm]

Title: The First
Fandom: Fooly Cooly
Rating: 15
Word Count: 1,051
Characters: Haruko Haruhara, Naota Nandaba
Warnings: A little more mature than the anime?
Synopsis: When Haruko returned to Mabase ten years later, Naota was more surprised than he should have been.
Author's Note: Loved this anime. Just six episodes, though ): I'd reccomend it to any and all!

Nothing exciting ever happened in Mabase. )
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Eternally Yours, Chapter Four [16 Aug 2010|08:04am]

Greetings, my name is Trinket Taboo... well that's just an alias I have taken a liking to, but you can call me Trinket or Enzers.

I do not own the characters seen from Koi Suru Bo-kun, they belong to Takanaga Hinako.
Author: tatsumi_senpai 
Beta: Currently none, searching
Title: Eternally Yours
Warning: possibly language, kissing, maybe slightly OC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After getting home from the airport, Morinaga and Senpai talk very shortly, before senpai locks himself away in his bedroom. However that doesn't last very long... feeling he needs to take a shower...but...


Previous Chapters:
Prologue: Souls in Waiting  |  Chapter One: Missing You  |  Chapter Two: Tumultuous Thoughts  | 
| Chapter Three : Retunring Home to Japan |
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